BelleStone provides a modern, natural look in a simple, lightweight, self locating block that allows for easy construction whilst providing a professional looking finish.

An elegant mortarless DIY wall can be simply constructed in accordance with manufacturers specifications resulting in savings in time and money, not to mention less preparation and clean up.

The natural slate creates a quality appearance with a sense of permanency and is an ideal feature in both a building or landscaping setting.

Further mood and ambience can be established through the use of water or directional lighting, enhancing an already effective feature.

Essentially BelleStone is Lockblock with an pre-applied natural stone finish. BelleStone creates a finished face wall in a fraction of the time it would normally take if natural stone was applied after a wall is erected.

BelleStone is available in full face, corners and half face, other configurations such as double sided are available on order.

Please Contact Us for Colour information and Pricing