Retaining Walls

The range of Retaining Wall products offered by Azzamac Services includes the Tasman and Norfolk Blocks from Baines Masonry and Concrete Sleepers by Trojanstone.

Tasman Retaining Wall System from Baines Masonry


  • Near Vertical Walls
  • Do it Yourself
  • No Concrete Footings Required
  • Flexible
  • 90° Corners, Steps, Straight or Curved Walls
  • Walls to 660mm high without reinforcement or engineering (subject to local council requirements)

The Tasman™ retaining wall system incorporates purpose made corner and capping units to provide classical reconstructed sandstone retaining walls. The unique design of the Tasman wall system allows increased flexibility over competing products. The Tasman walls can be built almost vertical. Each block has only a 10mm setback, which allows all available space to be utilised to the maximum. Curved or straight walls can be erected and it is easy to build 90-degree corners with the purpose made corner blocks. A capping unit is adhered to the top course of blocks to finish off the wall.

The blocks are easily dry-stacked and their patented design locks into the block above to form an attractive structural retaining wall. For walls over 660mm high, FORTRAC® geogrid is locked in every 2nd course of blocks to create a reinforced soil retaining wall structure. Seek specific engineering advice for walls over 660mm high, walls carrying car traffic or to comply with most council requirements. The Tasman™ system is manufactured with a water repellent admixture to add to its quality.

Tasman Retaining Wall - Opal White

Tasman Retaining Wall - Oakdale

Tasman Retaining Wall Products

  RRP Our Price from Save!
Tasman Full Block $10.60 $9.56 10%
Tasman 1/2 Block $5.21 $4.69 10%
Tasman 1/2 Corner Block $7.5 $6.64 12%
Tasman Full Corner Block $10.10 $9.12 10%
Tasman 1/2 Cap $3.47 $3.02 13%
Tasman Full Cap $9.30 $8.52 8%

Norfolk Retaining Wall System from Baines Masonry

The Norfolk™ Retaining Wall Block System is an attractive Interlocking Wall System which has the natural look of quarried stone and blends into any landscape situation with its sculptured rock face texture.

Developed specifically for Retaining Walls the Norfolk™ Blocks can be built straight, curved or terraced to fit into the contours of the embankment. Each Block is made of high strength, permanent low absorption concrete which are solid and maintenance free.

Wall heights can be achieved to 900mm without reinforcement or engineering (subject to local council requirements).

Norfolk Retaining Wall Appin Stone

Norfolk Retaining Wall Charcoal

Norfolk Retaining Wall Products

  RRP Our Price from Save
Norfolk Block $8.11 $7.19 11%
Norfolk Capping Block $8.11 $7.19 11%

Trojanstone Concrete Sleepers

Now in stock! Range of textures from Plain, to Wood and Rock in a number of colours

More Information and pictures coming soon